How to clean electrode sets and headcaps with regards to Covid-19?
Soap de-greases, it will resolve the fatty outer layer of the virus which will kill it. We advise to clean the headcaps with lukewarm water and soap. A shampoo optimized for delicate fabric is advised, for example or similar. Use a soft brush to clean and de-grease the inside of the electrode holders.

According to literature, alcohol (ethanol) kills the virus within 30 seconds. The electrodes can be submerged in alcohol without damage (tested for many hours). So, submerging the electrodes for a few minutes in alcohol should be the most effective way to prevent Covid-19 infections.

At the moment, we do not know whether submerging the headcap in alcohol will affect the elasticity of the fabric in the long run. The electrode holders and rubber rings will certainly not be affected. Submerging the cap for a few minutes should be OK.