How to install the USB interface and its drivers ?
Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Vista will install Windows Plug and Play (PnP) drivers for the BioSemi USB interface automatically (no drivers need to be installed). But this will only be done with USB receivers with 'firmware 4.0' or newer.
So, with USB-receivers with 'firmware 4.0' It is no longer needed to download and install the USB drivers from the BioSemi USB stick or website: Windows detects the USB-receiver when it is connected, and installs the drivers automatically. USB-receivers with the latest firmware are labeled (underside) with "firmware 4.0" (receivers delivered after February 2016). If there is no firmware version shown at the underside sticker, then the firmware of the Receiver will be older then 4.0 and the Receiver will not be PnP))
Older USB-receivers will still need the driver to be installed. If your USB Receiver is working correctly, then there is no need to upgrade the firmware. But if you want to upgrade the firmware, then you can do this with the below Firmware update tool:
  Upgrade tool for updating USB receiver to 'firmware 4.0'
This firmware upgrade tool will ONLY work on a working system with the NEW drivers (MS WinUSB2 Driver) installed.
ally before a USB-receiver with 4.0 firmware will be able to reinstall the drivers)
PS: If a USB-receiver with an older (before 4.0) firmware is connected to a Windows 10 computer then the Windows 10 driver might stop working and will have to be uninstalled manually.
Receivers with Firmware 4.0 do not need any drivers to be installed (PnP: Plug and Play). But, when the old driver (driver name: BioSemi USB) is still installed, then the Receiver will not be able to install its own PnP driver. So, always first remove the old driver.
On (new) operating systems with no drivers installed, a Receiver with Firmware 4.0 will automatically install the Windows P&P driver (MS WinUSB2 Driver)
Install the BioSemi USB drivers by right clicking on the file 'BioSemiWinUsb2.INF' and then select 'Install'
The Device manager will show one of the following:
Driver name: "MS WinUSB2 Driver" (new driver, PnP)
Driver for 32 or 64 bit installed correctly:
The Firmware update tool ONLY works with this driver installed.
Download driver "MS WinUsb2 Driver" (64 bit)
Download driver "MS WinUsb2 Driver" (32bit)
Driver name: "BioSemi USB" (old driver, not PnP)
Driver for 32 bit installed correctly:
The Firmware update tool will NOT work when this driver is installed.
Driver NOT installed correctly:
Right click on the unknown device and select to install the drivers manually.