Several modules are available or can be developed to perform online analysis on the measured physiological data. For example modules for GSR, FFT, respiration and force analysis are readily available.

Our LabVIEW programmers can deliver custom made online/off-line analysis programs for the same price as an "off the shelf" program with delivery times as low as several days. LabVIEW programmers can be rented by the hour. Prices/hour for our LabVIEW programmers can be found on the prices page.

Example of an online ERP module.
This screenshot shows 16 online calculated averages during an experiment with a visual stimulus. Each average is updated after every stimulus trigger. (This screenshot is after 296 sweeps. Each picture also shows the bi-phasic average to give an indication of the noise level. Although this version shows only 16 averages, our software is well capable of calculating and displaying up to 144 running averages and simultaneously saving the raw signals to disk for later additional off-line analysis. It's always impressive to see the ERP's slowly rise from the noise during an experiment.


Example of a FFT module
This is an example of a custom made FFT module. This screenshot shows online calculation and display of 16 spectra (1024 point each with an update rate of 1 FPS). Calculating up to 144 spectra online and simultaneously saving raw signals to disk is no problem. The spectrum graph has a lot of additional features like: cursors, calculation of total power, etc.