Active High-Density EMG electrode array
Active High-Density EMG electrode array
130 channel array with 5 mm inter-electrode distance.
Special goldplated electrode-tip allows operation without electrode gel.
Unique none invasive EMG measurements.
Multi-electrode array provides more data than conventional EMG needles.
MyoLab application software available.
EMG signals are measured with a High density array of gold plated pins used as dry electrodes pressed on the skin. No electrode gel is used because this would short the space between the closely spaced electrodes (5mm) Because the electrodes are simply pressed on the skin, very high electrode impedances (up to 1MOhm) can be found. However, thanks to BioSemi's high quality battery powered front-end, excellent signal quality is still assured (noise is smaller then 10uVpp) even with these difficult electrodes. The array is developed as an alternative to invasive methods like needle electrodes. The array setup provides a lot of extra information about the EMG topography.
The principles of High-Density surface EMG measurements have been developed during the past years by the research group of Prof. Dick Stegeman, Department of clinical Neurophysiology, University Medical Centre Nijmegen.
The Active 130 channel EMG system pictured below is the result of many years of cooperation between this group and BioSemi. Specialized EMG software under the name MyoLab has been developed by the Stegeman group.