A separate charger is supplied with the system to allow quick charging of the battery when used in cyclic applications. The special sealed lead-acid batteries that are used in the battery-box can be charged very quickly with the specially designed charging circuit : full charging of an empty battery takes about 3 hours. The charger automatically switches to a float state when the battery is fully charged, and the battery can be left on the charger for unlimited time without any reduction of the operation life. A battery life of approx. 1000 recharge cycles can be expected. The charger comes complete with an "all-world" mains adapter with replaceable mains adapter plug to adapt to the different mains Voltages and outlets in Europe, USA, UK and Asia.
Automatic charge regulation.
Charging automatically stops when battery is full, battery can be left on charger infinitely.
Can be used to recondition neglected battery packs.
LED indicators for charging, 90% charged, and full.
Included mains adapter runs on 110, 220 and 240 V, 50/60 Hz.
No memory effect, batteries can be recharged independent by their state of charge.
mains adapter


Battery and Charger Operating Guidelines and Replacement