General and Pricing questions :
   What are the BioSemi Standard terms & conditions of sale ?
  What technical support does BioSemi provide ?
  How much does a BioSemi system cost ?
  Software and interface questions :
  How to install the USB interface and its drivers ?
  How can I add additional features to ActiView ?
  How can I make my own acquisition software, interfacing direct with the USB2 receiver ?

Which software is standard delivered with the system ?

  Which file format does BioSemi use ?
  Do we need LabVIEW to be able to run the BioSemi acquisition software ?
  Can we integrate our existing LabVIEW analysis software with the BioSemi acquisition software ?
  How are stimulator trigger signals handed by BioSemi hard and software ?
  Does BioSemi produce an amplifier that we can use with our existing AD card ?
  How can I review the ActiveTwo its perfect Trigger timing ?
  Presentation or E-Prime cable to BioSemi receiver ?
  USB Trigger Interface Cable
  Active electrodes questions :
  Can I use BioSemi active electrodes with my existing amplifier ?
  Is skin preparation necessary when using BioSemi active electrodes ?
  Can we use the BioSemi active electrodes without paste ?
  What kind of input protection do the BioSemi active electrodes have ?
  What are the advantages of Active electrodes with respect to shielding ?
  Do BioSemi active electrodes have a slew-rate problem?
  Amplifier and AD-converter questions :
  All questions about the Active3 system
  How to compare our specifications with the specifications of our competitors?
  Is it possible to adjust the amplifier gain on BioSemi systems ?
  How does BioSemi limit the current flow to the subject ?
  Can we adjust the filter settings on a BioSemi system ?
  Is the sample-rate adjustable on a BioSemi system ?
  What are the advantages of a 24 bit system ?
  Why is battery power-supply in combination with fiber data transfer so important ?
  What is the function of the CMS and DRL electrodes, Ground, Reference or what ?
  What is the smallest signal we can measure with the ActiveTwo bitstep of 31nVolt ?
  What are the advantages of one ADC per channel ?
  Practical use questions :
  How to clean electrode sets and headcaps with regards to Covid-19?
  AD-box shuts down or acquisition stops (error 5000)
  How to "split" the flat-cables ?
  How to check an electrode set for defects ?
  Battery and charger operation guidelines and replacement.
  Pin-layout of the connectors on the AD-box
  Pin-layout of the 37 pin Sub-D connectors on the AD-box with passive inputs.
  Pin-layout of the connectors on the AIB
  Pin-layout of the Trigger connector on the receiver.
  Speedmode switch on the AD-box explanation.
  Position coordinates of the electrodes for BioSemi headcaps.
  How to make your headcap ?