BioSemi instrumentation is the initiative of electronic engineers Robert Honsbeek and Ton Kuiper and physicist Coen Metting van Rijn. After working for more than a decade in the field of research into research instrumentation at the Medical Physics department of the University of Amsterdam, they decided to start BioSemi in 1998.

During the past decade, this group has analysed the fundamental problems in modern multichannel biopotential measurements within the framework of academic research projects sponsored by the Technology Foundation STW. (projects AGN1667, AGN3416, AGN4098)

Based on the results of these research projects BioSemi offers a range of state-of-the-art equipment for the most demanding biopotential measurements. The underlying principles were described in various scientific publications.

Parallel to this research-work, the results were tested in the form of small series of proto-types, produced under the name Foundation Vision Research Amsterdam and made available to more than 40 scientific and clinical users in 9 different countries. BioSemi now produces the successors of these designs in series.

BioSemi is currently ranked 3rd in the Imotions "Top 14 EEG hardware Companies" (ranked by number of publications)