CNV / LRP measurement

Below you find an example of an CNV/LRP (Contingent Negative Variation / Lateralized Readiness Potential) measurement done with the ActiveTwo. CNV/LRP measurements are event-related brain potentials that are associated with motor preparation processes.

This picture shows the unique ability of the ActiveTwo to record extremely small low frequency signals without any skin preparation. A recording like this is only possible with a DC amplifier and active electrodes. The Figure contains CNV / LRP data recorded in a S1-S2 paradigm with a 1,200 ms foreperiod. This shows that the ActiveTwo system works nicely with these paradigms. Also other measurements have been done with longer foreperiods (2.5 sec).
These measurements have been done at the University of Glasgow by Dr Hartmut Leuthold and Dr Ines Jentzsch.