Standard personal computers are used with BioSemi systems. BioSemi systems can be delivered with or without a PC/Laptop. The BioSemi USB2 interface features a very low CPU usage, which gives the user the possibility to do data acquisition even with low-cost PC's.

Suggested Laptop configuration:
Any modern laptop, Ultrabook or Mac with USB connection.
Minimum resolution of 1280x1024
Suggested Desktop configuration:
3 GHz or better
Monitor with resolution of 1280x1024 or 1600x1200 or 1920x1200
Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows7 or Windows 10


Basically, any modern PC of Notebook/Laptop with USB2 will be able to run ActiView perfectly.
The benefits of choosing a larger screen will be that you will be able to see more detail in the signals, especially when displaying many channels (64 up to 256)
The benefits of choosing a larger disk (SDD or Harddisk) will be that you will have more space to save your recordings.
The file size of a recording of 1 hour with 64+8 channels @ 2 kHz sampling-rate is about 2 GByte.