BioSemi software :

All our systems are delivered with acquisition software based on the LabVIEW graphical programming language from National Instruments. This standard package handles the basic functions like data acquisition, display on screen with all usual scaling and reference and filtering options, streaming to disk in .BDF file format and network sharing. Thanks to the flexible setup of LabVIEW, it is easy for us to modify the standard program for specific applications. This way you get a virtually "Custom made" acquisition program. You can make the frontpanel look exactly the way you want, arrange the channels the way you want, make all the changes you always wanted in your acquisition software. The acquisition software is delivered complete with source code for users with a LabVIEW license or as stand-alone executable for users without a LabVIEW license. On the download page several examples are downloadable. See here for details about whether you need LabVIEW or not.

Acquisition :
Acquisition with ActiView.
Online analysis:
BioSemi custom made online analysis software in LabVIEW (EEG/ECG/EMG).
Alliance partners software:
For specialized analysis software, BioSemi has alliances with different companies making ECG/EEG/EMG software. The software packages listed below have been developed to interface direct with our hardware or with our acquisition software. Software programs indicated with a can be ordered directly from BioSemi.
  Reviewing, averaging, ERP, imaging and source analysis of EEG and MEG.
  Powerful software tools to measure, describe, and visualize human brain dynamics.
AppliedNeuroscience (NeuroGuide)
  EEG software for research, education, analysis and statistics.
ECG/BSPM software from Antea.  
  Cardioscape Surface is a complete BSPM acquisition and analysis package.  
EMG software from the Clinical Neurophysiology department University Nijmegen
  Myolab is a complete acquisition and analysis package for High Density Surface EMG topography.