BioSemi Active-electrodes offer a solution for all problems associated with high electrode impedance's and cable shielding. By integrating the first amplifier stage with a sintered Ag-AgCl electrode, extremely low-noise measurements free of interference are now possible without any skin preparation. The Active-electrode is a sensor with a very low output impedance, all problems with regards to capacitive coupling between the cable and sources of interference, as well as any artifacts by cable and connector movements are completely eliminated. Noise levels as low as the thermal noise level of the electrode impedance (which is the theoretical minimum) are achieved. BioSemi Active-electrodes can only be used with BioSemi amplifiers.
Special attention has been paid to the mechanical construction of the encapsulation of the electrode. The electrode is completely resistant to water and alcohol. All versions have an input protection circuit that protects the electronic amplifier from static discharge. The use of sintered Ag-AgCl electrode material ensures low noise minimal offset potentials and excellent DC-stability (low drift,) without the need for any re-chloration; all versions of the Active electrodes are suitable for low-drift DC measurements. The smart electrical and mechanical design allows us to produce the active electrodes at the same costs (EUR 40,- per electrode) as conventional high quality electrodes. Significant savings on operational costs can be achieved because of the reduced application time, the high reliability of the measurements and the elimination of the re-chlorisation tasks. BioSemi offers Active-electrodes in several versions to adapt to the various needs in the EEG,ECG and EMG field :
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  Flat-Type Active-electrodes
Suitable for all Body-surface applications: EEG, ECG,EMG.
Easily attached to the skin with electrode paste or adhesive disks.
Gel cavity reduces motion artifact and gel dry-out.
32 electrodes on a common connector.
160 centimeter cable length, other lengths on request.
  Pin-Type Active-electrodes
Developed for mounting in BioSemi headcap's.
Fits in headcap with BioSemi electrode holders.
Numbered for easy channel identification.
Fast application time.
Excellent long term DC stability.
High quality headcap specially for active electrodes.
16 up to 256 channel layouts available.
No gel dry-out.
Easy cleaning.
Electrode positions modifiable by user.
Active BSPM Carbon strips
Carbon electrodes and carbon wires in the strips.
Invisible under X-ray.
8 electrodes/strip or 12 electrodes/strip.
Amplifier integrated at the bottom of the strip.
Application time less than 10 minutes for 192 electrodes.
Special LabVIEW software available.